Sunday, March 1, 2009

Black Box California Merlot 2007

back to the box wines. when you are on a budget, as many people are these days, and you want a decent wine when you expect company, boxed wines can work. but you have to know which ones will be good. i have written about bota box and how they tasted. black box, which sells for a bit more than bota at $24 a box, can be a good choice for you. the merlot has a nose of cherries, cedar and spice. the taste was fruit forward with flavors of cherries, strawberries, spicy notes and some chocolate flavors as well. it had a smooth, medium length finish with medium tannins. this wine also gets high marks in wine magazines as a best buy. i have to agree. good choice for an every day red to keep on hand when you have company.


Ellen said...

Is it really good for 4 weeks? I bought it for a different reason than most of the reasons I have seen listed. No one else in my household drinks wine, and I got it so that I could have a glass or two every other day. Is it reasonable to expect it to last that long?

baldwinegeek said...

In a word, yes. The wine is in a bag which allows no oxygen to get to it, so the wine will stay fresh. I would try to keep it away from fairly warm areas like your kitchen as that can have a negative effect on the wine. But I have had great success with it lasting up to four weeks. Thanks for your comments and for visiting the blog page. Cheers!

David said...

This is my everyday wine. And I'm not a Merlot drinker (prefer Cab, Malbec, Shiraz, etc). But this stuff is so good, and so reasonably priced, everything else seems overpriced. It's less than $19 per box at Wal-mart. I'm praying the 2008 is as good.