Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Alto Moncayo/Veraton 2004 Grenache

this is post number 200 for me and this is a worthy wine to have at that monumental number! moving around europe from france to spain for this beauty. alto moncayo was suggested by a friend in the wine industry to me several years ago after i expressed a fondness for grenache blends, and i try to keep a bottle in the cellar most of the time. this is 100% grenache, and it is truly an amazing bottle of wine. the nose was very big, with smells of vanilla, blackberries, smokey notes and raspberries. taste was very big and full in the mouth. balanced with smooth tannins, the flavors were blackberry, tobacco, licorice, some mocha and spice in a long, smooth finish. this is truly a wine worth trying. it sells for about $20-25 depending on where you shop. i have seen it at a higher price, but shop around or ask your local wine merchant to get it for you. if the 04 is not available, fear not. the 05 version is very nice as well. and there are also other levels of this grenache, some selling in the $40 range which are very good also. a baldwinegeek favorite!

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