Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Blog is One Year Old Today - Meeker 2002 Barberian

today i celebrate one year of blogging with a huge red blend from meeker. i thank all of you who have spread the word and helped this to grow. this is a true joy for me. now on to the review. i have had this bottle in the cellar for about a year or so waiting for a worthy time to bring it out. this occasion was perfect. from what i understand, this blend of barbera and zinfandel was a bit of a mistaken blend that turned out very well. the nose is huge with blueberry, blackberry, vanilla and a sweet pork or bacon note coming through. as the wine opened up i got more earthy notes that were almost animal like and very sexy. the taste was big and bold with the blueberry and blackberry flavors, dark chocolate and some slight licorice notes. the alcohol level is a bit warm at 15% when you first open the bottle, but the flavors shine through as the wine opens. medium tannins and a nice long balanced finish with hints of pepper and oak round out the drinking experience. the wine sells for $32 and at a recent visit to the meeker website, the 2003 could be purchased for $20, which is a steal. this wine is worth every penny. excellent big, bold red. think of a juicy steak meal and add this for a real treat.

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