Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Artazu Artazuri Garnacha 2006

another wine fest wine, this grenache was also a part of the dinner. i am a big fan of 100% grenache, and when you can find it at this price point ($11) and it is a decent wine, it is worth your time and money to try it. the nose was very fruity with aromas of strawberry and raspberry. there was also a subtle hint of spice, like pepper in the nose. the taste was very fruit forward with black cherry and raspberry as the main flavor. there was a little bit of an earthy flavor as well, like baked earth. the tannins were not overpowering and the finish was very nice. this would benefit from time in the bottle and definitely needs to be decanted for a bit before pouring. it opened up a great deal as it sat in the glass.

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