Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Yellow Tail Shiraz Grenache 2007

i will try to get a few more entries in before the weekend, when i will be attending the cincinnati international wine festival, and won't have as much time to blog. this low priced blend of 80% shiraz, 20% grenache from australia sells for about $7 a bottle. the nose is strawberry and some light spice. a bit green when i first poured it, the wine took on a more interesting aroma as it opened up. i got a lot more earthy and spicy aromas as i swirled and waited. the taste was bold blackberry up front. the pepper shiraz notes came through on the back side, along with an earthy note, and some black licorice as well. for a $7 wine, this was actually very nice. not as complex as other blends at a higher price point, but for an every day wine, well worth the price.

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