Monday, October 20, 2008

Col D'Orcia Brunello Di Montalcino 2001

my sister shorty has travelled a bit and recently was in italy. she had some bottles shipped back to the states and this was one she shared with me recently. the grape is the sangiovese, which is very fruity when young, but aged in barrels for some time as this wine is, the grape takes on an earthy, almost tar-like characteristic. if you like this sort of thing, this wine would be your style. on the nose, cherry, mushroom, wet leaves, and the promise of a really interesting flavor. on the palate, i was not disappointed. cherry flavors followed by the distinct licorice or tar flavors. the tannins were a bit strong still and the wine was even a bit thin. it could easily spend more time in the bottle and get a whole lot better. the wine retails in the states for about $42-47. if you want a wine to lay for a few years, this would be on my list. thanks for sharing shorty!

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