Thursday, March 31, 2011

Bastide du Claux Malacare 2006

today i celebrate blogging for 3 years! i chose a special wine that was given to me by my daughter after she returned from a trip to paris. i am not sure about the price or if the wine is available in the usa. it is a blend of 40% syrah, 30% grenache noir, 30% carignan, and comes from the rhone region of france. i have had this bottle cellared for a couple years. after opening, i decanted it based on initial taste. the nose had lots of black fruit, some smoke and some earth, and floral aromas of violets. the palate was very tannic at first, so i decanted the wine for about an hour. the flavors were blackberry, some black currant, lots of anise/black licorice, and some slightly earthy notes. the wine was much better on its own than with the light dinner we enjoyed. it would work well with veal or beef dishes or some nice hearty cheeses. if you can find this, give it a try. it is quite tasty. cheers!

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