Thursday, April 23, 2009

Yalumba Y-Series Sauvignon Blanc 2007

another white from down in aussie land. summer time is coming and patio pounders are always in demand. this sauv blanc qualifies as a worthy wine, with a nose of citrus and minerals, and a little apple. the flavor was crisp green apple, lemon zest and minerals. not nearly as much of the grapefruit finish as a new zealand sauv blanc, but the was a little of that as well. the wine had a nice clean finish and will go well with salads or seafoods. and the price is nice at around $10-12, making it a worthy buy for your warm weather consumption.


Thomas said...

Yalumba makes some really great wines. I've tasted a dozen or so and all have been of considerable quality as far as I recall. It's definitely the time of year to start filling up on the whites. I'm drinking a young Bordeaux as we speak and I'm having trouble drinking it because it's just not refreshing enough. Granted I do live in Arizona!!! Cheers mate! Come on by my blog if you wish...

baldwinegeek said...

Thomas, Thanks for your comments. I was able to taste the whole line from Yalumba at a recent power tasting and was very impressed with there line, especially considering the lower price they sell at. Perfect whites for those warm Arizona days. I have friends in the Phoenix area.
I enjoyed checking out your blog page. You look like you have been at this a bit longer than I have. I just celebrated one year and have just over 6000 hits. Good luck to you and cheers! Keep blogging!
the baldwinegeek