Monday, April 27, 2009

Almaden Heritage Chardonnay

summer time whites at a good price are always the way to go, especially if you are entertaining a large group of people. i tried this one and the price is certainly right. i paid $18 for a 5 litre box, which is 34 glasses of wine if you pour 5 oz at a time. dirt cheap! but is the wine worth it? as chardonnays go, it isn't a big buttery, oaky chard. it was more of a dry, crisp chard with plenty of apple and pear on the nose and on the palate as well. this one is going to be very food friendly for the summer fare of salads and shrimp. the was a slight butter taste, but i was surprised at how light it was. if you want a bigger bolder chard, steer clear of tis one. want an easy drinking, unpretentious white, then this is for you.

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Ken Lay said...

Our usual box quaffer for summer is Corbett Canyon Pinot Grigio/Chenin Blanc. We tried Almaden on your recommendation and are very pleased with it. A little smoother (less tart) than the Corbett, and in the same price range. It IS a hefty box to get in the fridge though.