Friday, April 17, 2009

Foris Rogue Valley Fly-Over Red 2002

the comely brunette and i first tasted this southern oregon bordeaux blend many years ago at a restaurant in asheville. we try to keep a bottle around for a good meal or when we want a really nice blend with some complexity. a grilled steak dinner with baked potatoes and steamed broccoli was on the menu, so i pulled this from the rack in the cellar. first thing i did was decant it for about an hour. i remembered this being a benefit the last tie we drank it. the wine is a blend of 63% merlot, 22% cabernet sauvignon, and 15% cabernet franc sourced from grapes in the southern most appellation in oregon, the rogue valley. the nose was blackberry, cedar and some tobacco notes. the taste was earthy, with flavors of black cherry, leather, plums and spice. this went very well with the steak dinner and at a price of $10-12, it is a bargain! if you can find a bottle or ask your local wine shop to get it for you, it is well worth it! a very impressive wine for the money.

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