Monday, February 2, 2009

Funky Llama 2007 Malbec

i tried this cheap malbec over the weekend and i use "cheap" as the descriptor instead of inexpensive for a reason. i have tried several lower priced malbecs and only a few were really good, like alamos. this one sells for about $6 a bottle and is probably worth less than that. the nose was red berries. the taste was very fruity cherry and maybe a slight hint of licorice. slightly tannic but not very interesting otherwise. i would rather spend a dollar or two more to get something a little better (although the alamos malbec sells for about the same price and is way better). i don't think the funky llama will be making an appearance at the baldwinegeek home again any time soon.


Anonymous said...

Obviously your big bald head doesn't know much about Malbecs, look at all the responses??? You're better off leaving your opinion corked!

Anonymous said...

While I haven't tried the Malbec, I just tried their Cab and can barely finish the glass, much less the bottle (something I rarely say about a bottle!). I agree that many cost-comparable options far exceed the quality of this brand as I have experienced it thus far.