Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Beringer Founders' Estate 2007 Pinot Noir

here is another lower priced pinot noir that i tried recently. as i have said before, finding a nice pinot in the under $10 range can be difficult, but this one should be on the list of one to try. the nose was cherries, red licorice and subtle spice notes. the taste was very fruit forward with black cherry as the dominant flavor. i also picked up plum and spice notes. the finish was medium length and very pleasing to the palate. a very nice pinot for around $8-10 depending on where you shop.

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Anonymous said...

I recently tried this wine. Weak legs, thin body and even though I found the cherry notes you indicated they were mixed with crab apples which was too sour for my palate. But worst, the alcohol overwhelmed anything else and I found it disappointing compared to others in this price range.