Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Domaine Chêne 2005 Bourgogne Pinot Noir

i decided to stay in the lower priced area in a recent search at my local wine store, and ventured down the french aisle. i found this pinot noir for about $11. now french pinots tend be very different, more subtle, than many of the pinots from the states. they are actually more true to the grape, and picking up the subtle tastes can be more difficult. the nose was strawberries, subtle tones of earth and damp straw and spice. on the palate, strawberries and red raspberries, followed by some spice of clove and i also picked up a slight eucalyptus note. there was also a slightly earthy, herbal flavor. the tannins were medium during the first tasting of the bottle but softened into a nice, silky feeling on the tongue as the wine opened up. overall impression was pretty good on this one. definitely worth another try.

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