Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Winey Thoughts

i had the chance to spend an afternoon with the comely brunette and "blondie" at a local ohio winery, harmony hill vineyards recently. located in the city of bethel, ohio. most wine folks are so enamored with the wines of napa, france, or some other famed location that they forget about the little guy crafting boutique wines. and when some people think of ohio, the last thing they think about is wine. especially really high quality wine. i've written about some of the ohio wines already and there are definitely some very interesting wines being crafted in the state. bill and patti skvarla have quite a following at harmony hill and deservedly so. some very nice wines which i will be blogging about over the course of the next few weeks. they also bring in local music talent to entertain the folks who come to taste their wines and sit outside on a friday night or saturday afternoon. relaxing, warm, friendly people and excellent wine. a beautiful combination. want more info? here is their website. a big thumbs up from the baldwinegeek.


KatDoc said...

Hey, Wine-guy! Thanks for visiting Harmony Hill, hope that Rubato matures nicely for you.

from a fellow blogger and the newest member of HH's hospitality team


baldwinegeek said...

Hi Kathi,
We had a great time and hope to be out helping with the harvest.
Take care and keep blogging.

Nancy Bentley said...

Glad you liked this wine! Both Harmony Hill and Kinkead Ridge Winery will be doing their annual barrel tasting on November 29, a great opportunity to taste young upcoming releases.