Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Joseph Drouhin Laforet Pinot Noir 2005

this is the second french pinot noir i have tried. i tried one before i began this blog page, but i do remember i was a bit disappointed. this one was a bit better. very subtle. on the the nose, red berries and a bit of a band aid or eucalyptus like note. a bit odd. i expected something a bit more earthy. i did a little research on the wine and found that the harvest is basically split into two, where part ages in oak and part in stainless steel. they really want the fruity, berry flavor to come through. and it does. on the palate, the wine is light, and fruity with flavors of raspberry and currant. soft and easy tannins and not a whole lot of finish. priced at about $20 a bottle, this pinot noir left me a bit unsatisfied. i expect a whole lot more complexity and flavor. this is more of a burgers and cold cuts kind of wine. sorry, but just not impressed.

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