Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Montaribaldi 2007 Moscato D'Asti

i'm not much into sparkling wines or champagnes, but this semi-sparkler (details to follow) really was nice. i refer to it as a semi sparkler because it is slightly carbonated. it has very tiny bubbles. not too dry, slightly sweet, but not cloying in the least. from the barbaresco region of italy, this had a nose of minerals and honeysuckle. it was very low in alcohol (5%), so it had no acidic bite. it tasted of honey, honeycrisp apple, and soft pear and has an effervescence that lingered in the mouth. sells for about $16 and pairs well with spicy foods, like the cajun crab dip and olives i snacked on while i sipped. so if you aren't a champagne drinker, give this a try. worth it without the high alcohol a dry taste.

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