Thursday, September 11, 2008

Lindeman's Bin 99 2007 Pinot Noir

before i start down the harmony hill wine trail, i have a couple unfinished posts i'd like to sneak in. first is this pinot noir from lindeman's in australia. this falls into the inexpensive category of around $8-10 a bottle, so the price is nice. it is not, however, meant to be a bottle that you lay down for a while and expect to get better. when i first poured this, the lack of a big nose was an indication of what was to come. raspberry aromas and maybe a little earth. taste of raspberry, a bit of green olive, with very subtle tannins and not much finish. thin would be the word that best describes this wine. but then it is cheap by comparison to other pinots. sometimes you get what you pay for. it wasn't a bad wine and it would go with most food, but it wouldn't be a wine i would pair with a really nice meal. think burgers, pizza, and that sort of dinner fare.

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