Monday, November 17, 2008

Penfolds Grandfather Tawny Port

this blog page was inspired by this port. i tasted it for the first time at a wine festival in march and purchased a bottle several months later. this is one of the best ports i have tasted because of the complexity and super long finish. the nose is complex with aromas of almonds, vanilla, caramel, and candied fruits. the warmth of the alcohol is also present. i could sit and smell this for an hour before tasting. each time a different aroma comes out. cherry cordial, red licorice, a little anise. the palate is is soft and smooth with flavors of candied fruits, raisin, walnuts, and a slightly burnt sugar, caramel or toffee flavor. the finish is warm and goes on for a long, long time. this is a perfect cold weather after dinner drink. exceptional much as i remembered it in march. and it is a bit pricey, ranging from $60 to 80. well worth the price if you like a really good port. there are cheaper ports available on the market and they can be a great place to start if you want to try a port. if you have a special occasion approaching and feel the urge to spend a little more for something really nice, this is a worth while investment.

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