Sunday, November 30, 2008

the Little Penguin 2007 Merlot

for the budget conscious wine buyer, the folks a little penguin offer up an array of different wines. their merlot, which sells for about $6 or 7 a bottle, is a nice drinkable wine. when i first started drinking wine on a fairly regular basis, merlot was my wine of choice. i liked the bolder flavored merlots. this is not your big, bold merlot. much more of a fruity variety that would go with barbeque or burgers. the nose was blueberry and cherry and a little rubbing alcohol-like aroma. the palate was black raspberry, dark cherry, chocolate. sweet with very soft tannins. the finish was a little weak, but not bad. on a budget, then go for this, especially if you like a sweeter, fruitier wine. if you are looking for a serious merlot, look elsewhere. (i believe i blogged about one some time back called bocage, which is excellent)

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