Saturday, June 14, 2008

Zaca Mesa 2004 Z Three

back in may i talked about this santa ynez winery and how they knew how to do the blend thing well. this wine proves that point quite well. the comely brunette and i had reason to celebrate something recently and i pulled this bottle out from the bottom of the rack. here are the details: 44% syrah, 34% grenache, & 22% mourvèdre. on the nose, black cherry and earthy notes. on the palate a lush, medium bodied blackberry, licorice and dry tannic finish that lasted for quite a while. this is an exceptional red blend. might be a tough bottle to find since they only produce about 900 cases but ask your local wine merchant. it is pricey at $40 a bottle, but you will be well rewarded for the money. or get it for a special occasion in the future and lay it for a few years.

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