Saturday, June 28, 2008

Maculan 2006 Pino & Toi

people are going to start thinking a like white more than red, but don't be swayed, it is during the warm weather months that i will enjoy the white wines much more than the red. cool and refreshing, these wines really quench your thirst on a warm summer day. and this wine, maculan, was just such a wine. i had finished mowing the lawn and was having a dinner of salad with chicken cubed on top of it with the comely brunette and opened this. a blend of 25% pinot bianco, 15% pinot grigio, 60% tocai, the wine had a nose of apples and citrus. on the palate, a balanced taste of peach, pear and an acidity. very fresh and crisp with a medium finish. at about $16, this is another very nice white wine.


Lynne said...

Where is this winery? I must look for this as I like the Tocai...had a great Tocai Fruillano in Argentina ... Alfredo Roca was the winery. Nice, light and a bit fruity as I recall.

baldwinegeek said...

Not sure but I think it is in Veneto. Good stuff. You should be able to find it.