Thursday, June 10, 2010

Vinos de Arganza Flavium Crianza Bierzo 2005

the comely brunette and i enjoyed this bottle of 100% mencia from spain recently. mencia is usually quite fragrant on the nose and is lighter in taste. this one fell into that category for sure. much bigger on the nose than on the palate. still quite drinkable and interesting enough to revisit at some time in the future. sells for about $11 making it attractive to those on a tight budget. the nose had some cedar, and orange along with sour cherry, and a earthy, meaty quality. on the palate, raspberry, cranberry, some subtle asparagus notes, and a little earth. nothing huge, and a medium finish. i would suggest decanting this as it did open up and soften as we finished the bottle. pasta and meat dishes would work with this one.

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