Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Stoutridge Hudson Heritage White 2007

one more from new york winery stoutridge on the shawangunk wine trail. selling for $16, this is a blend of 70% seyval blanc, 10% cayuga white, 10% pinot gris, 5% chardonnay, and 5% riesling. this is completely different from the previous white i wrote about. much drier and more mineral in flavor, this blend has a nose of citrus and tropical fruit with some cheese and sweaty notes as well. i also got a little orange blossom note in this as it opened up. the palate was filled with lemon and guava fruit. it almost had an effervescence to it. nice mineral and grassy notes as well. perfect wine for seafood dishes. grilled shrimp time is here and this would be a good choice.


Anonymous said...

I think Seyval is the hippest grape in the Hudson Valley.

Jonathan Hull

baldwinegeek said...

i would agree. thanks for your comment