Sunday, April 18, 2010

Zaca Mesa 2002 Z Cuvée

i was walking through my local grocery store wine department recently and they had a manager's special shelf. i casually looked at what was available and found this lovely beauty for the very nice price of $7. i have raved about zaca mesa wines before and to find one at this price and this vintage was a treasure. i only hoped that the wine had not been sitting somewhere in a back room in extreme temperatures or was corked. the blend was 45% grenache, 30% mourvèdre. 16% syrah, 9% cinsault. opened it slowly in case there was a dried cork. nose was good with some barnyard and nice fruity blueberry and some spice. the palate was still good, although i think it may have started to fade just a bit. flavors of raspberry, herbs and smokey earthy. still a beautiful wine and at this bargain price, a real steal. good food wine but enjoyed this one with the comely brunette all by itself.

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