Sunday, April 4, 2010

Delatour Cuvée Premier Pinot Noir 2007

french pinot noir is a bit different from the u.s. variety in that it tends to be much more subtle and a little more fruit forward, lighter bodied, and to some, maybe a bit less complex. i tend to think that the french pinots are  just more subtle and you have to train your palate to appreciate the difference. finding a bargain priced french pinot can be a bit difficult as well. i discovered this one at a wine store for the really nice price of $8. the nose was filled with red raspberry and cherry, along with some nice dirty earth aromas. the palate was fruity ripe strawberry, more of the raspberry, along with some subtle herb and earthy forest floor notes. this wine comes from languedoc, a southern french region, long lightly regarded as the source of simple table wines, more recently gaining recognition for wines of interest and value. nice grilled salmon wine, or maybe some cheese and salad fare. nothing too over the top, just a nice subtle pinot.

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