Friday, March 5, 2010

McManis Chardonnay 2006

i have been on the reds quite a bit lately so i better throw a white wine in that i had recently. this chardonnay from california is in the lower price range that i like, selling for about $9-10. i have tried two other wines from mcmanis and was quite pleased with their value and flavor. how does there chardonnay stack up? the nose had tropical fruit notes and hints of vanilla. nothing too complex. on the palate, pears, maybe a little pineapple. sweeter than most chards, possibly from the fermentation in stainless steel. so this is not your oaky, buttery chard from california. more fruit forward. it spends a little time in french oak, which gives it the creamy mouth feel and a little zing in the finish. not bad for the price.

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CeeJay said...

this was a very good chard in a land where chards can be very similar. it had a distinctive profile all it's own. highly recommend.