Sunday, March 28, 2010

Finca El Reposo Malbec 2007

i have written about several malbecs in the last month and will add this one to the mix. i have a glass in front of me as i type. the nose is very interesting, with blackberry, earth, spice and herbs, and a little something like pencil lead. on the palate a burst of blackberry fruit surrounded by firm tannins. nice earthy flavors come through beginning at mid-palate. like the finish on this one as the complexity continues with spice flavors and some mocha and cedar. this is a wine that is great by itself, but would be really nice with grilled meats or spicy chicken dishes. sells for about $10.


Anonymous said...

Please...had this recently, but cannot find it now...Columbus Ohio
Where can I order this from?

baldwinegeek said...

Always check with your local wine merchants. They may be able to special order for you at no extra cost to you. You can also try looking up the winemaker online to see if they have info regarding who distributes in your area.