Friday, February 12, 2010

Styring Vineyards "Wit" Reserve Willamette Valley Pinot Noir 2005

this is the third and final wine of my vertical tasting. this pinot is mainly sourced from the yamhill-carlton ava. the nose was very earthy and sexy, with black fruit, wet forest floor, and a little spice as well in the aroma. when i think of oregon pinot noirs, this is the nose that would come to mind. the palate is dominated by a lush, earthy fruit of blackberry and black cherry, with the earthy quality being more than just a subtle hint. this is one sexy wine. far less spicy than the previous two vintages, this wine is beautifully delicate, yet extremely complex. on the second day, the wine added a very nice mocha-like finish that was only a subtle hint the day before. this vertical tasting was a true joy for me. all three of these wines were very different and enjoyable with the 05 coming away as my favorite. an extremely sexy, sensual wine. sells for $38 and will work well with a nice salmon dinner, but really is quite beautiful all by itself.

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