Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Funf German Riesling

i noticed i had been hitting the red wines pretty hard so i will throw a few white wine reviews in. i tend to drink more reds during the cooler weather, so i neglect the white wines during this time. the comely brunette and i got this bottle as a gift from a friend. i have blogged on 10 rieslings previously and had mixed feelings on a few. this one falls into that arena. the nose was white peaches and honeysuckle. very sweet and floral on the nose at first pour. on the palate, an almost syrupy mouth feel and a sweet, almost cloying taste. flavors of honeydew and a little honeysuckle, with a sweet grapefruit-like finish. most rieslings have some mineral notes that actually help tone down the sweetness a bit. not this one. way too sweet, almost dessert wine quality. and the name means 'five' in german. funf after five? not for me thanks. sells for about $6.


Anonymous said...

wasn't this from Blondie?

baldwinegeek said...

yes, it was from blondie.