Friday, January 8, 2010

Layer Cake Shiraz 2006

i purchased this wine back in november of 2007 and have had it laying in the cellar since that time. the weather outside was snowy and i wanted to just sit back and look outside watching the snow fall while i sipped a nice red wine. this one filled the need perfectly. the nose had a very pronounced chocolate note after it sat in the glass for a while, along with blackberry and spice. alcohol level was about 15% and you got that heat from the nose as well. the palate was much better and more complex after the wine opened up with time in the glass. raspberries and chocolate notes were very pronounced. this is a full, juicy, jammy red. lots of subtle tobacco and spice notes. velvet mouth feel with a long finish. sells for about $16-20 depending on where you shop. good red meat wine but i enjoyed this by itself.


Greg and Victoria Grabner said...

hey, i enjoy reading your blog :) i'd love to try the 2006 layer cake; we had the 2008 and were impressed by it, too. i've been looking for more layer cakes where we live, but they are hard to find.

layercakewine said...

Thanks so much for tasting the 2006; that is a very special bottle to us and is drinking perfectly now. Greg and Victoria got to enjoy our current vintage...which is profound, fruit forward and quite ripe. It stands for Aussie Shiraz if you will, but lacks the oak to inhibit the purity of the fruit.

If you are having ANY trouble finding the wines whatsoever, we need to know. Please use the website, and our blog, to find a retailer near you...or just contact us directly through facebook. LayerCakeWine

Thank you so much;

Layer Cake wines