Saturday, December 26, 2009

Happy Holidays from the baldwinegeek

postings will be a bit scarce during this time surrounded by family, friends and good wine. i am tasting some good wine during this holiday season and will be posting some time during the coming week. to all who have supported me by reading the blog, have a happy holiday and a safe and prosperous new year!
the bald wine geek

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Justin 2003 Syrah Paso Robles

i have had this bottle lying for a while and had an occasion that deserved a decent wine. this is the second bottle i have had but the first time i had an opportunity to write about it. the folks at justin are well known for producing some very nice wines. how did this one stack up? the nose had plenty of black cherry, blackberry and pepper notes. also got some nice leather and earth notes. if this was anything like the last bottle i had, it was going to be well worth leaving it lay for a few years. the palate was smooth and very soft, with blackberry, subtle spice notes of pepper, and toasted oak. but the real interesting flavor to come through was the earthy, gamey flavor that i really enjoy in a red. excellent wine with beef stew, pasta, or a hearty barley soup. sells for about $24.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Maipe Malbec 2008

i follow ratings on wines to a point. i am always amazed at wines that get rated very high that i may not particularly find as spell-binding as the reviewer. this malbec falls into that class. selling for about $11, it got 90 points from robert parker. i tried it at a tasting and we either had a bad bottle or maybe the taste buds were off this night. or maybe parker was off. the nose was decent enough with plums and some spice and violet coming through. but the palate seemed a bit weak with flavors of blackberry and black pepper. the wine was a bit thin, green and tight. it opened up a little with time in the glass, but wasn't as bold as i would have hoped for. i will revisit this at some time in the future to see if it was me that was off that night or the wine.

Monday, December 14, 2009

A to Z 2008 Pinot Blanc

a little white wine during the colder months can cleanse the palate and prepare you for more good red wine. gave this offering from A to Z a try recently. i have enjoyed some of their other varietals so i was hoping this one would be on par with the fine work they have previously produced. the nose was full of citrus, melon, and minerals. good start! the palate was an initial explosion of pineapple, followed by peaches and floral flavors, finishing in crisp mineral notes. a nice, well balanced white wine that sells for about $12-14 and will pair with tomato based pasta dishes or seafood.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Hardy's 2008 Shiraz

after a nice leap to the higher end side it is back to reality and the less expensive wine. i needed a red that i could enjoy and had not tried anything from the hardy's line of boxed wines. i read a few decent reviews in wine magazines about their wines and decided to give it a try. the nose was immediately full of fruit, with red raspberry and black cherry coming through. after a bit i started to get a little more spice notes, mostly cinnamon. on the palate, a very balanced fruit forward, jammy wine, with flavors of plums and black cherries, followed by pepper and after opening up, i got some really nice chocolate notes on the finish. this is not a complex wine. very easy drinking slightly tannic red. good wine for your friday night pizza or winter stew. sells for about $16 (that's the equivalent of $4 a bottle. a bargain you may not want to pass up for an every day red).

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Erath Estate Selection Dundee Hills 2006 Pinot Noir

every once in a while i have to go above my budget and pick up something a little different, maybe a little nicer than the typical grocery store wine. i went to my local wine store and asked them to recommend a sexy pinot noir. something that would really knock me out and i gave them a max price point of about $30-35. erath from oregon was their choice. they said i wouldn't be disappointed. for that price you don't want to be wasting your money. the results? a nose of cherry, lavender and a smokey, earthy note. on the palate, a delicate, well balanced wine with flavors of plums, vanilla, some interesting meat notes and a little anise. very silky in the mouth. the comely brunette and i drank this without pairing with food, but a nice salmon dinner would be a welcome companion. and i was not disappointed.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Edmeades 2007 Zinfandel

this was my wine of choice last week for thanksgiving. never tried it before but read some descriptors at my local wine store and thought it would work well with the thanksgiving foods. the nose was full of berries, but it also had some really nice earthy notes as well. the palate was full in the mouth with plums and and blackberries coming through. i also got some real nice earth and meat flavors, followed by smokey spice notes. it held its own throughout the meal, blending quite well with all the foods that were offered. this will be a go to bottle going forward. sells for about $20.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Alamos 2007 Viognier

i don't buy very much white wine during colder weather months, keeping a bottle or two in the fridge for that occasional glass of wine. i have always been a fan of alamos, especially their malbec, so i decided to try their viognier. the nose is pears and a little citrus, with some nice floral aromas as well. on the palate, a crisp peach and mineral combination, with a little floral note at the finish. very light, easy drinking wine that will work well with seafood and spicy asian food. sells for about $12.