Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Erath Estate Selection Dundee Hills 2006 Pinot Noir

every once in a while i have to go above my budget and pick up something a little different, maybe a little nicer than the typical grocery store wine. i went to my local wine store and asked them to recommend a sexy pinot noir. something that would really knock me out and i gave them a max price point of about $30-35. erath from oregon was their choice. they said i wouldn't be disappointed. for that price you don't want to be wasting your money. the results? a nose of cherry, lavender and a smokey, earthy note. on the palate, a delicate, well balanced wine with flavors of plums, vanilla, some interesting meat notes and a little anise. very silky in the mouth. the comely brunette and i drank this without pairing with food, but a nice salmon dinner would be a welcome companion. and i was not disappointed.


Lynne said...

hey bald wine geek...i had this wine in the non-estate version and i believe it was a 2007. it was really light in color and very jammy tasting. didn't care for it too much. but, something tells me this estate version is far better from your review so i may have to look for it. why is it that we like those pinots that are hard to find for under $20?? Guess we were born with good taste!

Anonymous said...

Lynne -

Im a big fan of Erath wines, and I can tell you I did not care for the 2007 Oregon Pinot. The 2006, however, was amazing. Went to the winery on my honeymoon - try one of the Estate selections, you will be very impressed. Their Pinot Gris is also very very good.



baldwinegeek said...

thanks for the comments!!!