Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Sea Smoke Southing 2005 Pinot Noir

every now and then you have to pull one of those really nice bottles of wine fro the cellar. this one has been begging to be opened for about two years. the comely brunette and i were in need of a little pampering so i opened this up. all i can say is wow! this wine comes from the santa barbara county area. the nose was cherry, spicy cinnamon and sorry if i offend anyone, a sexy, body aroma. the kind of nose you expect from a pinot noir. the taste was red berries-strawberry, a little cherry and red raspberry, followed by some really nice spice flavors and earthy, damp forest floor notes. the tannins were a little bold at first, but decanting softened them up. the wine changed considerably over time and was very smooth and well balanced with subtle flavors of pepper and vanilla coming through as it opened up. i paid $60 for this bottle and it was worth every penny.

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