Sunday, January 4, 2009

Gato Negro 2008 Malbec

i am always on the lookout for the low priced, high quality wine. i tried this malbec which sells for about $4 a bottle. the nose was spice and blackberry. nothing too complex. the palate was a bit green, but had some nice spice notes that you typically find in malbecs from argentina. this was more fruit forward, with juicy black currant flavors. there was a little bit of licorice that came through as the wine got more air. not a bad malbec for the price. i've had better ones in this price range.


Anonymous said...

And what were those better Malbecs at this price?

vinerao said...

Indeed, I'd like to know a better deal. I actually tried the 2009 Malbec and find it very drinkable. Starts out fruity but mellows with a bit o tannin at the finish. can't beat it for 3/$10! cheers!

Anonymous said...

I find the 2009 a little young but perfect for a night at home when its raining snow outside. It is warm and lets you feel its sunny origins. It doesn't have the depth of a fireplace Valentine wine and it isn't as full and tangy as a Argentinian Mendoza ($4 more about) but at this writers table, I'll call it $4 well-spent for a winter's night with the hounds. A fine drink-alone glass.