Friday, August 8, 2008

Kendall-Jackson 2003 Meritage

this is a first release of this bordeaux style blend (49% cabernet sauvignon, 47% merlot, 4% cab franc) from kendall-jackson. the nose was black cherry and a little earthy. taste was tight, even after sitting and swirling for a bit. tasted of black cherry, dark chocolate, maybe a little vanilla. it was a bit green and thin with not as much finish as i expected. i will revisit the bottle in a couple days to see if some time and air will open it up some more. the nose gave me the impression that this would be really good, but maybe it just needed to be decanted for a while longer. about $15 so it could be worth the price with more time in the bottle.

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Neabear said...

Spotted your blog while browsing. First time I had seen one with wine as the focus. I am not very knowledgable about wines as I do not drink them very much. But my husband does and has a collection of a few bottles. We would probably open them more often if I enjoyed them more. My husband used to work for a wine label printing company before they closed. Kendall-Jackson labels was one of the many wine labels he printed. We do live in the wine country with many wineries around us and beautiful vineyards. Won't belong and I will be seeing the fall colors on my commute. So pretty in the fall.