Monday, August 4, 2008

Boxhead 2005 Shiraz/Cab Blend

nothing like a live tasting. usually, i take notes when i am tasting wine and then write the next day, allowing myself a day to think and reflect on what i have tasted. sometimes i go for it right away, like tonight. boxhead is an australian blend of 74% shiraz and 26% cabernet sauvignon. sounds like it could be a big wine. i have had this bottle laying in my cellar for almost a year, figuring it could use some time. the nose was a bit disappointing. blackberry and maybe a hint of pepper, but not nearly as big as i thought it would be. taste was somewhat tannic, with pepper and black berries, but it didn't have much of a finish. maybe it needed more time in the bottle, but i don't think so. not enough nose to it that might give you a glimpse of what could be. about $10-12.

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