Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Bordeaux comparison

had the pleasure of sharing company and wine with my friend the crabby grape this weekend. we did a 1995 vs 2005 bordeaux comparison. the '95 was a chateau poujeaux, moulis en médoc ($29.00 in 2000) and the '05 was chateau recougne, bordeaux supérieur ($12.99 in 2008). the 95 color was much more subtle and faded out than the 05. very different noses on each as you might expect. the 05 had a more floral, cherry nose throughout the several hours the wine was open, the 95 was immediately fruity and herbal, with hints of eucalyptus, then developed and softened into an asparagus-like aroma and finally earthy mushroom smells.
on the palate, the 05 was not bad but really didn't have the depth you expect from a decent bordeaux. the tannins were soft, and you got the impression that this wine would not hold up to laying for any length of time. it had ripe fruit and floral flavors and just a hint of a gamey flavor that never really developed further.
the 95 was extremely pleasant, developing in taste as we drank over the course of the evening. ripe cherry and cedar flavors that developed earthy tastes with time. full tannins that were a bit overpowering at first, but softened with time. flavors began to fade a bit as the wine opened up. an enjoyable experience. fun comparison. have to try that again in the future.

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