Saturday, May 24, 2008

Syrah/Shiraz Double Header

sorry for all the reviews on the syrah/shiraz side of things. i have quite a few in my cellar right now from a wine festival purchase. the double header?…four vines 2005 syrah from paso robles, ca and jacob's creek 2005 reserve shiraz from barossa valley australia. these two make for an interesting comparison. the california syrah had a nose of plum and hints of menthol. there was also a heat due to the alcohol content of 15%, which i wasn't to crazy about. on the palate it was very full bodied with blackberry, licorice and spice…and a little too much alcohol burn. this would be a much nicer wine if it weren't for the higher alcohol content. $about 18 for this one. the jacob's creek shiraz had a similar nose of plums and spice without the alcohol heat. on the palate, very intense blackberry and spice notes, followed by a velvet vanilla flavor. also around the $18 price. this wine would easily lay down for the next 5-10 years and have something to show after that time. if you want bold, in your face taste with a big alcohol kick, go for the four vines. i would prefer the alternate and go with a little more subtle complex taste of the shiraz. cheers!

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