Tuesday, April 8, 2008

my favorite grape…

pinot noir! subtle, yet bold. very complex. lots of beautiful flavors come through. sexy. earthy nose. this could describe most pinots. this time around i am referring to styring vineyards "wit" 2004 pinot from willamette valley oregon. excellent wine from a small winery, about 300 cases a year, that sells for about 38. a bit pricey for those on a budget but worth the price.
sorry if this post seemed a bit short, but i had to abandon the typing part way through the posting. here is what else i have to say about this really nice wine. it has bold blackberry and black cherry flavors and a nice spicey note. time in the bottle will only make this wine even better. i also have a few bottles of the 03 and plan on doing a side by side comparison later in the year.

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