Friday, April 18, 2008

another good pinot

lily 2006 pinot noir from sonoma. fruity vanilla/cherry and funky/earthy nose. earthy can mean all kinds of things. in this case it is animal in nature…the attractive sensual/sweaty aroma of the human body. what some people (like me) really look for in a good pinot. big flavor of raspberries and really nice long soft tannin finish with hints of spice and earth. very nice pinot which sells for about $20.


jseeds said...

I've been meaning to try this one - im always afraid of over-the-top alcohol in the cali pinots...esp in the range - but it sounds like a solid value with some sexiness to boot. thanks

Lucie said...

Hey- not related to this wine- but maybe you can answer this in a future posting...I'm looking for a nice oaky white wine. Seems like the trend these days is to offer unoaked whites sadly for me since I like the oaky taste. Any suggestions???