Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Excelsior Chardonnay 2009

so far the south africa tour has been quite a pleasurable one and this next wine keeps up the tradition. selling for the nice price of about $10, excelsior is a chard that sees very little oak. in fact only 25% sees oak for the limited time of 3 months. in my mind this is a good thing. i am not a big fan of the overly oaked chardonnays on the market. it spoils the real taste of the grape. the nose is not huge, with some tropical fruit, apple, and a little spice and floral notes. on the palate, lots of pears, green apples, spice and mineral flavors. this was really nice with the chicken pesto dish i had. i would also try this with lightly spiced asian food and meaty fish. 3 for 3 in the value aspect and in taste category. and the south africa journey will continue…

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