Saturday, July 31, 2010

Evergreen Valley Vineyards 2003 Baco Noir

i love to visit wineries whenever i am traveling the country. i was in pennsylvania recently, discovering that they had about 100 wineries. the comely brunette and i visited several of these on the groundhog wine trail in the central part of the state. one stop was at evergreen valley vineyards. seems the buying public in pennsylvania like sweeter wines and all of the wineries we visited play to their audience. even the dry wines tend to be a little sweeter. the hybrid wine, baco noir, is no exception. the nose had cherries, raspberries, a little spice and some caramel notes. the palate was very fruit forward, with sweet raspberry and cherry, a little strawberry and a chocolate finish. very little in the way of tannins and the finish is not very long. if you are just beginning to try red wines, some of the offerings from pennsylvania might be the place to start. good pizza or friday night burger wine. sells for about $12.

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