Friday, October 16, 2009

Rex-Goliath Shiraz

looking for a nice everyday red? try this fruit forward shiraz from california. i previously tried the pinot noir and enjoyed it. so i decided to give the shiraz a try. the nose was full of fruit, with plums and blackberries. also picked up hints of spice and a little earth. the taste was very fruit forward, with black cherry leading the way. got some nice bramble fruit notes as well, followed by subtle black pepper and anise notes. this wine sells for about $7 at my local grocer and i enjoyed it with pizza, which it complemented quite well. i could see this as a go to red when you are on a tight budget as it would work with many different foods. nothing pretentious. just a nice drinkable red.

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The Gourmez said...

Once again, I've quoted your review of this wine on my site. I believe the pepper was more prominent in my glass, but that fruit was still very forward.