Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Walnut Crest 2003 Shiraz

on the low priced search once again, i picked up this bottle of chilean shiraz for about $4.50 at the local grocery store. nice price, but would it pass the taste test? the nose was actually very nice with plums and a nice jammy aroma, hints of pepper and spice and a little blackberry thrown in. good start. i actually let the glass sit for a while, came back and smelled again to see if it had changed. everything was still there so it was time for the tasting. jammy black cherry and plums right away with spicy pepper notes thrown in. i got some slight earthy flavor and hints of leather as well. tannins were a bit light and the finish was medium length. overall this one was pretty good for the price. nothing too complex, but very drinkable. try it with your friday night pizza or grilled burgers.

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